In accordance with the new FTC rulings, I’ve created this page to provide transparency between myself, readers, and companies I work with now or in the future. 

 All reviewed products that I received for free will be marked with an asterisk (*). 

All post that I received monetary compensation for will be marked with two asterisks (**). 

All media partnerships for events will be marked with three asterisks (***). 

All paid guest post will be label (- Guest Post) in the title of the post

If you purchased a sponsor package on Heavy on Fashion will be referred to as Sponsors/Wig Out Wednesday Sponsor/Wardrobe Sponsor/Event Sponsors. 

 As of July 15th, 2012 -, Companies interested in sponsoring a giveaway on Heavy on Fashion must provide 1 for Malan Heydecke of Heavy on Fashion and one for the giveaway (2 items in total) if you would like Heavy on Fashion to mail off the prize. 

If your company will be sending the giveaway to the winner, you will have to provide 1 full-size product to Malan Heydecke of Heavy on Fashion. (Giveaways and reviews will never be sold for profit or otherwise).

 As of September 22, 2012 - All participating in reviews, wigs, gift/shopping guides, giveaways must provide one full-size product for Malan Heydecke of Heavy on Fashion. (Giveaways, gift guides, and reviews will never be sold for profit or otherwise). I keep all the items that I receive. At this time, Heavy on fashion does not charge for written giveaways, reviews, gift/shopping guides,  or Wig out Wednesday post.  do not charge a fee for any reviews, guides, nor giveaways

For for information on giveaways see Sponsorship page. 

For more information regarding reviews and gift/shopping guides, please contact me. 

As of September 22, 2012 - Photo and video coverage will be available for event coverage only if Malan Heydecke or a representative of Heavy on Fashion is attending your event with a complimentary press pass for the event in the Northern New Jersey / NYC area. 

All events outside of Northern NJ / NYC area must provide Transportation. 
If the event is longer than a day, Hotel accommodations along with Transportation must be provided

 As of April 19, 2013 - Heavy on Fashion does not publish or accept press releases. Please do not send any press releases. They will be deleted automatically and marked as spam

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I will not provide editorial review ahead of time to any company. If I do not like the item or products that you send for review, I will not review it. I will only review products that I like.
 I will send over a link to the post once the post is Live. 

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For book reviews please allow up to 2 months for a review. 

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